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Any advice is very helpful these days and can save you time and money. We specialise in Mounting Brackets and Stands for all kinds of products, including TV’s, Computer Screens, Ipads, Speakers, Phones and Accessories.

Our Story

We have been in the audio Visual business for over twenty five years. In that time we have supplied and installed thousands of mounting brackets and stands.

Our parent company, CSV audiovisual in Alexandria are AV Specialists, stocking all the latest AV Products for your home or business.

We pride ourselves on suppling quality products that last. Our prices a reasonable and provide helpful advice on how to use and install our products, if you need any help. Call us: 1300 130 260

Ranger Mounts supply top quality mounts for all you mounting needs. TV Mounts, Speaker Mounts, iPAD Mounts, Computer Screen mounts, plus lots more….

joe Breen

Founder, Owner

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